Financial Stewardship
for the Future of Your Church.

Learn how a Ministry Storehouse Account can help.

What if you could be a better steward of your Ministry’s idle money and generate additional funds to grow your staff, expand your ministry, and multiply your kingdom impact?

What Is A Ministry Storehouse Account?

A Ministry Storehouse Account is designed to protect your cash value and steadily grow your fund based on your ministry’s needs. Often, inflation eats away at your funds while they earn little to nothing in a checking or savings account. Instead, you can open a Ministry Storehouse Account and use our Faith-base Investment Models to reduce your investment risk and yet grow your account in a steady and modest fashion. The best part is that we can invest your account in a way that remains true to your Biblical worldview. The investment models available on our platform are tactically managed* on a daily basis to attempt to increase returns and reduce risk, which helps churches and ministries become champions of the resources God has entrusted them with.

*Management provided by Harvest Investment Services

What Types of Funds Can Be Used?


Does your organization have a set of funds set aside for investing in a new building or expansion? Put that money to work while you wait for the opportune moment. Our various models allow you to set a custom timeline that makes sense for you.


We realize your organization may sometimes receive designated funds. But sometimes you are not ready or able to begin spending those funds for their designated purpose. Our tools allow you to maximize the benefits of those gifts while you continue fund-raising, or wait for the right moment.


In today’s low-rate environment, banks are paying very little to no interest on funds held in checking and money market accounts. Our models allow your ministry to reach for higher rates of return, while still providing liquidity to your funds.

Ministry Storehouse Models:

Cash Management

This model seeks capital preservation through investments that are aligned with investors’ faith and Biblical beliefs.

Target Return: 2-4% or above *


This model’s primary objective is to seeks capital appreciation with a secondary objective of preservation of capital through investments that are aligned with investor’s faith and Biblical beliefs.

Target Return: 5-7% or above *


This model seeks capital appreciation through investments that are aligned with investor’s faith and Biblical beliefs.

Target Return: 7+% *

* Target returns shown are net of fees

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Our Story

As Christians, we believe that all of our resources belong to the Lord. As Ministries, we know that our mandate for good church stewardship extends to the money that we set aside or designate for future ministry.

Ministry Storehouse™ is a program from Envoy Financial. For over 30 years, Envoy Financial has been providing retirement plans and financial services to churches and Christian nonprofits. We believe in biblical stewardship at our core, which is why we are so committed to help you make the most of your resources and doing so through Biblically responsible means. Our decades of expertise span Church retirement plans, Biblically Responsible Investing, and individual wealth management. Now, we want to partner with you to help increase the impact and reach of your ministry through our church stewardship program.